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What Kind Of Organization For HKDSAL?

The Board of Directors of HKDSAL is comprised by like-minded enterprises operation consultants, Logistics, Traders, Information Technology, Marketing and Insurance practitioners, with aims for offering business support for individuals or enterprises for engaging E-Commerce business and a network for supplement of mutual advantages and resources sharing. There is an Advisory Board with Law & Taxation, Entrepreneurship Training, and Government Fund Application Consultant for support of the operation affairs in the association.

What Services Can Be Provided By HKDSAL?

HKDSAL‘s Advisory Board is organized by professionals specialized in different fields, including company establishment, accountancy, business insurance, MPF plan, logistics and customs clearance, etc., which can provide one-stop professional supporting services such as company set-up, product sourcing, cargo dispatch, application of government’s fund, for interested individuals or enterprises for commencing E-Commerce business.

Why to choose HKDSAL?

HKDSAL is not a simple trading platform (B2C business matching and B2C on-line platform), instead it is an one-stop auxiliary services including entrepreneurship and practical training, business support and consultancy services, together with procurement channels and logistics services referral. Members can make use of a shared web platform and focus on the business. The association will also provide updated market information for members’ exploration of business opportunities.

How to become HKDSAL Member?

Simply complete the Form . We will process the application within 2 working days. Membership number and log-in password will be received after approval.

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