Member Services

Services may include

Procurement Information & Matching Services

Procurement team familiar with suppliers in different countries provides merchandise sourcing services to members, together with sellers and buyers business matching services. We can also offer product inspection services before cargo dispatch, so as to reduce operating cost and risks due to sub-standard.

Drop-Shipping Services

Provide Drop-Shipping operation & logistics platform for manufacturers and on-line Shop members to reduce the risks of overstock and stocking of current capital.

Intermediary Services Provision

Besides Sea Freight, Air Freight, Warehousing & Cargo Insurance, we also offer company establishment, accountancy, different business insurance and MPF Plan information.

Government’s Economic Facilitation Fund Application Consultation Services

After recognition of members’ development aims and resource requirement by our professional consultants, recommendation of appropriate government’s dedicated funds and application assistance will be provided.

Field-Study & Exchange

Regular Field trips to successful enterprises, logistics companies, cross-border E-Commerce bonded warehouse are provided to members for on-the-spot learning of operation knowledge and successful principles for execution.

Practical Skill Training

Regular seminars and workshops for teaching trading practice, shipping knowledge, customs clearance requirements for various countries, as well as training for operation of on-line sales platform and promotion means by new media will be provided to members.

Supply Chain Referral Services

Provide Logistics Operator matching services for reducing searching time, logistics cost and avoid credit risks.

Cross-Border Business Promotion

Provide local market information services and sales platform operation agency services for China, ASEAN, Germany & USA, etc.

Legal, Taxation, Customs Clearance Consultancy Services

Professional Legal, Taxation practitioners and Customs Brokers provide China & overseas legislation, account and taxation requirements and import and export clearance consultancy services to members.

Entrepreneurship Coaching & Training

Assistance to business starters for application of different operation licences, knowledge provision of Letter of Credit, transportation, customs clearance, market promotion and other business matters, together with entrepreneurship counseling.